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Hard Water Stain Magnified

Spot-X Hard Water Stain and Spot Remover

Restaurant kitchen areas cleaned with Spot-XSpot-X Hard Water Stain & Spot Remover works on greasy buildup on range hoods. Tired of smelling oven cleaners? Spot-X cleans dirty ovens and you don't even have to wear gloves. Ceramic stove tops can be especially difficult to clean. Spot-X can even get off burnt on plastic! Authorized A6 for use in USDA Inspected Food Processing Areas.

Cleans Stainless Steel appliances, pots and pans, back splash in tile or stainless.

Stainless Steel Food Warmer cleaned with Spot-X





Large stainless areas can be cleaned with ease.
Spot-X does not contain harmful chemicals or acids that can be detrimental to employees health and also requires no safety precautions like rubber gloves or breathing masks.Large Professional  Refrigerator

There are many areas in a restaurant that will benefit from the use of Spot-X. Grease and grime, hard water stains, calcium and salt deposits, burned on food. Also the chrome and stainless fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms can be cleaned with Spot-X hard Water Stain & Spot Remover.

Tile walls with grafitti and the rings that develop in toilets can be cleaned and restored with Spot-X.

Other surfaces that can be cleaned with Spot-X are: glass, mirrors, serpentine marble* only ( *we recommend finding an indiscreet area to test for scratching, some marble surfaces are very soft and will scratch).


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