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Hard Water Stain Magnified

Spot-X Hard Water Stain and Spot Remover

Homeowners love Spot-X Glass Restorer. Spot-X saves customers' money. Instead of replacing that glass shower door, or that picture window they restore it with Spot-X. Rust ring in toilet? Whether you have mineral deposits caused by well water or you have spots on your windows from sprinklers hitting them or stains from salt water spray, Spot-X can take care of all your glass problems. Spot-X is great for stainless steel and other hard surfaces.


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Shower doors and tile shower stalls tend to have the largest amounts of hard water stain and are very often neglected. Spot-X Glass Restorer will clean these surfaces and will resist spotting longer. We recommend starting with a small area so that you can see the results and know that it will work. Some hard water stains are thicker than others and require a little more elbow grease. However, the glass and tile are very expensive to replace.


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Also great for cleaning the rest ring or calcium deposits from porcelain toilets, sinks and bathtubs. You must remove the water before cleaning because water will dilute the effectiveness of Spot-X.

Shower Door 1 sm
Shower Door 2 sm


Fireplace Glass

Porcelain Sinks

Porcelain Toilets

Glass Shower Doors

Porcelain Bathtub

Stainless Steel Fixtures

Most Chrome Fixtures*

Kitchen Range Hoods

Ceramic Tile

Stainless Pots and Pans

Stainless/Chrome Toasters*

Chrome Candle Sticks*

Stone/Marble Countertops*

* Chrome must be triple plated, Spot-X may scratch chrome if it is only single or double plated. Also some Marble surfaces are very soft and prone to scratching. We recommend testing in an inconspicuous area for scratching. We cannot guarantee the use of Spot-X on Chrome or Marble because of the softer qualities of these materials. Spot-X does not work on Powder Coated or Color Anodized Surfaces. Please see our guarantee for more information!


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