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How it works!

Hard Water Stain Magnified

Spot-X Hard Water Stain and Spot Remover

How does it work?

Spot-X is a POWDER that's how!

Spot-X Hard Water Stain & Spot Remover is made from Juglans Regia Shell. This material is very hard and is used to literally "sand off" the hard water/salt stain, silicate, heavy calcium deposits, lime scale, acid rain spots, soap scum, or any other stain that is on your glass, stainless steel, or chrome* without scratching it.

Works on shower doors, mirrors, windshields, windows, stainless appliances, stove & oven glass, porcelain tubs and sinks, stainless steel tubs and sinks, ring and scale in the toilet, bathroom tile, serpentine marble*, chrome* fixtures and faucets, chrome* bumpers and trim and car windows. ( not for use on painted surfaces but will not harm it if it gets on the paint, just wash off with water - no rubbing :-)

NO CHEMICALS - NO SMELL - NO GLOVES NEEDED. Spot-X is non-toxic, non-corrosive, no phosphates, no acids, no bleach, no solvents, no detergent, non-flamable, no butyl, no ammonia, no filming, no streaking and no odor. It's environmentally friendly but aggressive on stains.

How do I use Spot-X Glass Restorer?
Each 7 oz. Bottle of Spot-X comes with 1 FREE non-scratch pad.

  1. You simply put 3 tablespoons of powder on a Spot-X No Scratch Pad. Then add just enough water to make a very thick paste (mix it with your fingers). This is very important. If too much water is added the product will not have the cutting power to work (Spot-X will not scratch glass, stainless or chrome*).
  2. Working in a small 4 or 5 inch area, scrub very hard in a back and forth motion (not circular). Using 2 or 3 fingers on the pad works well. Don't be afraid to use a little elbow grease ( it's a lot cheaper than a new piece of glass or chrome ). After rinsing the small area with water and revealing the newly cleaned area will give you the incentive to finish the rest.
  3. Now finish the rest of the project and rinse with clean water, then show all your friends.

For very large areas or extra-tough use the following Vibrating Palm Sanders: Black & Decker FS500, Black & Decker FS600G, Dewalt DW411K and the RIGID F2500. (Orbital sanders will not work) These sanders are the only ones we have found that our non-scratch pad will fit on. Attach the pad to the sander lightly moisten pad with spray bottle, then add some spot-x to the pad, making a thick paste. Use a back and forth motion with sander on the glass then wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Spot-X No-Scratch Scrubbing Pads are made of polyester. They are super soft and safe for all glass, stainless, chrome and practically all other surfaces. These are simply the best, longest lasting pads ever. These soft pads must be used with Spot-X so that you don't scratch the surface that you are working on. Note: Moh's Hardness Scale states that use of other green/brown pads or steel wool will permanently scratch glass because they are much harder than glass and other materials. That's why we sell so many pads.

Do not use the green or brown scrubbing pads found in your local supermarkets. These pads contain abrasive grit in the glue that will scratch your glass.

* Chrome must be triple plated, Spot-X may scratch chrome if it is only single or double plated. Also some Marble surfaces are very soft and prone to scratching. We recommend testing in an inconspicuous area for scratching. We cannot guarantee the use of Spot-X on Chrome or Marble because of the softer qualities of these materials. Spot-X does not work on Powder Coated or Color Anodized Surfaces. Please see our guarantee for more information!


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