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Hard Water Stain Magnified

Spot-X Hard Water Stain and Spot Remover

Office Buildings, Hospitals, SchoolsProfessionals prefer Spot-X Glass Restorer not only because it really works, but because it does not contain harmful caustic acids. Spot-X is safe for employees. Just say no to acid and chemical liability.

Office Buildings



Fire Stations


Correctional Institution

Government Offices

College Campus

Convention Centers

Train Stations


Bus Stations





Porcelain Sinks

Porcelain Toilets

Water Fountains

Bathroom Tile

Water Fountains and other stainless surfacesUse Spot-X Hard Water Stain & Spot Remover to clean Mirrors, Sinks, Lavatories, Tile Walls with Graffiti on them, Chrome Fixtures, Stainless Steel Fixtures, Water Fountains and all kinds of Glass Windows in Schools, Office Buildings, Fire Stations, Hospitals, Elder Care Facilities, Parks and Recreation Areas, Subway and Bus Stations plus many more. Every where that a hard surface needs cleaning. Spot-X removes the most stubborn hard water stains and spots, salt water stains and spots, acid rain spots, calcium deposits, lime, scale, silicone buildup, soap scum, concrete stains and more.

Three reasons why you should switch to Spot-X Hard Water Stain & Spot Remover

1. Spot-X is Environmentally Safe and will not damage the environment

2. Spot-X does not contain harmful chemicals or acids that can be detrimental to employees health and also requires less safety precautions like no need for rubber gloves or breathing masks. No more noxious fumes or acid. The only requirement might be safety glasses to keep the powder out of your eyes.

3. Spot-X Hard Water Stain & Spot Remover cleans deep into the pores of hard surfaces to remove any remaining foreign material. This keeps surfaces cleaner, longer. Spot-X is in powder form and is mixed with a small amount of water at the time of use. This method retains the effectiveness of Spot-X by not leaving it in a solution form during storage which reduces its scrubbing power. Liquid cleaners are not capable of getting into the pores because of its surface tension. Paste type cleaners have reduced effectiveness from sitting in storage while in solution, which breaks down and softens the working ingredients.

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