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Hard Water Stain Magnified

Spot-X Hard Water Stain and Spot Remover

Bothered by water spots on your windshield, dangerous road film, or silicone buildup? Spot-X Hard Water Stain & Spot Remover cleans stubborn hard water stains from your vehicle glass. Whether the water stains are caused by acid rain, salt water, sprinklers or well water, Spot-X will work where other cleaners have failed. While Spot-X cannot be used on auto paint it will not harm the paint if it drips on it. Just don't rub it into the paint. Simply rinse off with water.

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Do not use on mirrors coated with anti-fog treatment. This can be found in your owners manua.l




School Buses

Tour Buses

Vintage Cars

Service Vehicles


Police Cars

Fire Trucks

* Chrome must be triple plated, Spot-X may scratch chrome if it is only single or double plated.
Also some Marble surfaces are very soft and prone to scratching. We recommend testing in
an inconspicuous area for scratching. We cannot guarantee the use of Spot-X on Chrome or Marble
because of the softer qualities of these materials. Spot-X does not work on Powder Coated or
Color Anodized Surfaces. Do not use on mirrors that have anti-fog coating, this can be found in your users manual.
Please see our guarantee for more information!


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